Environmental Responsibility

At Velcro Companies, we are committed to practicing environmental responsibility in every aspect of our work. This commitment to sustainability is an investment in our collective future. It‘s our way to meet present needs and preserve the planet for those who come after us. Our goal: A brighter future for our customers, our suppliers, our employees, and our neighbors.

As proof of our commitment, 98 percent of the electrical and thermal power in Velcro Companies’ New Hampshire headquarters is self-generated. By carefully using the heat left over from generating our own electricity, we achieve higher efficiency than public utility power and reduce our emissions by more than 60 tons. What’s more:

  • Velcro USA Inc. diverts and recycles / down cycles more than 50 percent of the waste it generates.
  • An onsite 5 MW gas turbine generator includes a 25,000 lb/hr heat recovery steam generator.
  • Steam heats buildings and water, and provides thermal energy for material processing.
  • Turbine combustion technology minimizes NOx-based pollutants.
  • By generating our own electricity, we avoid over 17,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually.
  • New operations are cooled by high efficiency centrifugal chillers with variable frequency drives to conserve energy use.
  • Waste heat is used in absorption chillers to air condition work spaces.
  • Waste heat melts snow and ice under facility sidewalks, replacing salt spreads and chemical treatments and providing safer walkways.