“What Closure Feels Like”

The founding story about George de Mistral and his dog – equally inquisitive characters – is well known. Their afternoon stroll resulted in the founding of our company and the widespread adoption of hook-and-loop fasteners in disparate industries around the world.

Another chapter has been added with the advent of our VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK technology. While it continues in the tradition of elegant, premium design, it offers an innovative twist to the closure on which we’ve built our business. PRESS-LOK is a hook-to-hook fastener.

PRESS-LOK offers superior closure that consumers will notice. Instead of needing to perfectly align zippers, PRESS-LOK’s closure easily engages when the two sides are pressed together. Industry feedback indicates that this is a benefit to older consumers, as the technology does the work, not the user. For even further assurance, one can actually hear the hooks securing. At all points, PRESS-LOK communicates the closure is functional.

It also answers the consumer’s call for reliability. Our tests verify 100% performance even after 300 openings, which means your goods are secure. All that and PRESS-LOK maintains a low profile. The discreet, transparent closure adds functionality without disturbing existing design aesthetic.


You can find it on display in stores already. Lundberg Family Farm’s new rice packaging lines are the first food product in the US to include PRESS-LOK™. Shortly, Hills Science Diet will join them as companies opting for secure packaging to ensure positive end-user experience.

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