DIY Photo Koozie

Custom Photo Can Koozie

Looking to drink in style when you’re on the move? Or just love an ice cold beer but don’t love ice cold hands? Well, thanks to VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Black Tape, craft foam, and iron-on transfers, it’s easy as pie to create your own photo koozie in under 15 minutes.


VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Black Tape

First off, get your materials in order. We printed out a couple of photos of landscapes as well as a few shots from recent photo booth fun.

Create your own photo koozie

The iron-on transfer paper we used transfers in reverse, so we printed each of our images backwards. Be sure to read the instructions on your transfer paper before printing.

Iron your image onto a piece of fabric about the same size as the paper. Peel off the backing and revel at your fabric image!

photo transfer paper

It looks pretty darn good just like that, doesn’t it?

Creating a can koozie

Now for the koozie part. Cut a piece of craft foam 10 inches wide by 3.5 inches high. This sizing fits most standard cans. Cut your fabric image so that it’s just a bit larger than the foam piece. Use the spray adhesive to attach the two. Snip off the excess fabric.

 VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Black Tape on koozie

Next, you’ve gotta close up that koozie snugly around your can. To add VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back Black Tape simply stick one piece on the inside end and the opposite piece on the outside. Wrap around a can to make sure everything lines up.

Voila! Your own Photo Koozie!

And just for good measure, here are a few more photos of our darling photo koozies.

Photo can koozie examples

By now, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve got a thing for Velcro Industries. Well, it’s more than a thing. It’s an official partnership! Here’s why we’re all about VELCRO® Brand products.

What cool things have you made using VELCRO® Brand products? Any ideas for projects we should try? Talk to us in the comments below.

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