How to Make a Chevron Tote and Clutch in One

diy chevron bag tote clutch two in one custom

You didn’t think we’d actually go a week without including some ode to our favorite pattern, chevron, did you? For this bit of colorful joy, we’ll show you how to use VELCRO® Brand Plant Ties to create your own adjustable bag that works as both a tote and a clutch.

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– 1 yard of fabric 
VELCRO® Brand Plant Ties in green and pink

– sewing machine

VELCRO® Brand Tape Clutch

We chose to use VELCRO® Brand Plant Ties because we love the colors they come in. They also catch less on things like sweaters and silk tops.


1. Cut your material out. You’ll need the following:
– 2 pieces that are 17 1/2 inches by 14 inches (bag)
– 1 piece that is 12 inches by 8 inches (pocket)
– 1 piece that is 22 inches by 4 inches (strap)

2. Take the front and back pieces of your bag and iron each edge 1/2 inch down. Iron down each side another 1/2 inch, and sew those seams! Do the same with the pocket piece.


3. Attach your pocket to the front piece of the bag.

VELCRO® Brand Clutch Pocket

4. Turn the front and back inside out, and sew the bottom and two sides of your bag. 

Sew DIY Chevron Clutch Brit Morin

5. Turn it right side out, and you should now have a bag that looks like this:

VELCRO® Brand Clutch Bag Brit Morin

6. Now it’s time to attach the VELCRO® Brand Plant Ties. Cut each piece so that it fits into your chevron pattern. Measure it so that when you fold the tote down into a clutch, the VELCRO® Brand Plant Ties attach to each other.

diy chevron bag tote clutch custom

7. Sew the VELCRO® Brand Plant Ties onto your bag. If you want to be able to close your bag when it’s in tote form, add VELCRO® Brand Plant Ties to the top opening of your tote as well.

8. Last, it’s time to add the strap. Fold your strap piece in half, inside out and sew. Pull it back so that it’s right side out and sew onto the inside of your bag.

VELCRO® Brand Brit Chevron Clutch

And that’s it! How cute is this bag?

diy chevron bag tote clutch two in one custom

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