Footwear and Apparel Solutions

VELCRO® Brand fasteners are flexible and soft on the skin, yet durable and dependable in harsh outdoor conditions. Whatever your customers’ requirements, our engineers will work closely with you to develop a unique, optimized solution.

When footwear and apparel brands look to optimize form and function, they turn to Velcro Companies for innovative fastening solutions that allow for cutting-edge design and improved end-item performance. The result is an enhanced end-user experience and a true competitive advantage. Whether you’re looking for a customized color or the best hook and loop combination for extreme weather conditions, VELCRO® Brand technology provides best-in-class performance backed by a worldwide manufacturing and logistics organization.

  • Globally Recognized Brand – We are known around the world for our high technology fasteners and diverse product offering. We can help you meet specific requirements including fire, water and weather resistance.
  • Sustainable Materials – Our products are manufactured using materials that are safe for customers and environmentally friendly.
  • Global Capabilities & Customization – We offer ISO and ÖKO-TEX certifications and full manufacturing and converting capabilities in plants located in North and South America, Europe and Asia.


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Outdoor Apparel

Performance outerwear companies rely on VELCRO® Brand fasteners to provide superior reliability that can be counted on in extreme conditions. Thanks to the broad range of VELCRO® Brand hook and loop solutions, performance can be precisely matched to the requirements of the end item—whether it’s a lightweight wind shirt or a heavy-duty jacket for hikers, hunters and skiers.


Those who make a living in the fields, on construction sites and in warehouses and factories expect their apparel to work as hard as they do. VELCRO® Brand fasteners can be trusted to hold together under strenuous, outdoor conditions with easy opening and closing, and without mechanical parts that are liable to break down. We offer ÖKO-TEX certification and can apply fire retardant treatment where required. Whatever the job, your customers can depend on VELCRO® Brand fasteners to deliver a high-performing, long-lasting solution.


The fashion industry is always seeking fresh, innovative designs and functionality. Velcro Companies is known for its unique and diverse range of fastening solutions that keep pace with the changing needs of the fashion industry. Designers can work with our engineering team to develop custom solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and meet the required performance standards.


Athletes, roofing contractors and construction workers depend on their footwear. And footwear companies depend on the reliable performance of VELCRO® Brand fasteners. Whatever the customer’s requirements, our VELCRO® Brand hook and loop solution can be matched to any design and manufacturing process.

Infant & Children

As a manufacturer of diaper fasteners for pre-mature babies, infants and toddlers, we understand the importance of skin-friendly materials for little ones. VELCRO® Brand fasteners are soft and flexible against skin, giving children freedom of movement while staying securely in place.

Bags & Other Accessories

Backpacks, handbags and wearables require fasteners that are easy to open and close, yet able to withstand frequent use in indoor and outdoor environments. Velcro Companies offers a variety of low-profile, flexible fasteners that are soft to the touch and can be fastened thousands of times without breaking down. Wherever you take them, you can rely on VELCRO® Brand fasteners.

Military & Government

Velcro Companies has been a proven and trusted partner for the military for more than 50 years. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements, such as A-A-55126C and the Berry Amendment, and we're constantly innovating our solutions to keep up with the changing demands of the tactical industry.

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