Velcro® Brand VELCRO® Brand Plastic Hooks


VELCRO® Brand plastic hooks give manufacturers an extraordinary range of options for designing innovative products and streamlining production processes. A variety of hook profiles lets designers specify precise grip and shear characteristics. Plastic hook material can be die cut into a wide variety of shapes and attached to nearly every kind of surface—from diapers to car seats—and provide bio-compatible and flame-retardant solutions for added safety and comfort.

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Fire Retardant VELCRO® Brand Hooks

VELCRO® Brand fire retardant hooks offer extraordinary strength and performance in a range of conditions and the added safety of a fire-retardant product. VELCRO® Brand fire retardant fasteners meet the requirements for certifications to Government, OEM and Industry-specific standards.

Fire Retardant Hook Options

  • VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® 889

VELCRO® Brand Technology

Flex-Zone™ Technology: Flexible Hook

VELCRO® Brand Flex-Zone™ technology gives manufacturers the ability to extrude multiple lanes of hook directly onto a variety of substrates without adhesives—reducing the cost and complexity of manufacturing. Increased flexibility and aesthetics make Flex-Zone™ technology ideally suited for Personal Care applications.

Flexible VELCRO® Brand Hook Options

  • VELCRO® Brand High Tech Hook 701
  • VELCRO® Brand High Tech Hook 789

VELCRO® Brand Technology

Mold-In and Die-Cut Hook Products

VELCRO® Brand DCS (Die-Cut Shape) touch fasteners put holding power exactly where it’s needed and keep seats looking good for years. DCS fasteners can be molded right into the seat bun with a special polyester/ acrylic backing that enhances adhesion to the foam. Mold-In fasteners offer faster assembly, less rework, lower process cost, and greater design flexibility.

Die-Cut Hook Options

  • VELCRO® Brand Die-Cut HTH Plastic Hook

VELCRO® Brand Technology

PRESS-LOK™ Interlocking Fasteners

VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK™ fasteners feature interlocking molded micro hook technology that is heat sealable to most PE films and transparent. Available in polypropylene and polyethylene in widths up to 6 ½ inches, PRESS-LOK™ fasteners are easy to open and close and are ideal for low- to medium-cycle life packaging applications. Learn more about fastening solutions for the packaging industry.

PRESS-LOK® Fastener Options:

  • PRESS-LOK® 775
  • PRESS-LOK® 776
  • PRESS-LOK® 779

VELCRO® Brand Technology

RF Weldable Plastic Hooks

VELCRO® Brand RF weldable plastic hooks offer an excellent RF weld to most flexible films and provide superior peel and shear characteristics when engaged with VELCRO® Brand loop. RF weldable plastic hooks eliminate the need for heat-activated adhesive and significantly reduces the cost of using VELCRO® Brand hook and loop closures on vinyl and nylon products.

VELCRO® Brand Weldable Plastic Hook Options

  • VELCRO® Brand High Tech Hook 848 (Vinyl)
  • VELCRO® Brand High Tech Hook 810 (Nylon)
  • VELCRO® Brand High Tech Hook 744 (Vinyl)

VELCRO® Brand Technology

Standard Plastic Hooks: VELCRO® Brand High Technology Hook (HTH)

VELCRO® Brand High Technology Hook (HTH) products are engineered for superior performance with VELCRO® Brand woven and knit loops. Molded plastic hook is available in a range of resins (nylon, polyester, vinyl, polyethylene, polypropylene) and widths and can be converted into die-cut shapes and cut or scored pieces. A variety of backings are available including sewable scrims, weldable and heat sealable coatings, and pressure sensitive adhesives.

Standard Plastic Hook Options

  • VELCRO® Brand High Tech Hook Style 15
  • VELCRO® Brand High Tech Hook Style 22
  • VELCRO® Brand High Tech Hook Style 24
  • VELCRO® Brand High Tech Hook Style 29
  • VELCRO® Brand High Tech Hook Style 97
  • VELCRO® Brand High Tech Hook Style 99
  • VELCRO® Brand High Tech Hook Style 108

VELCRO® Brand Technology