Industrial Solutions

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners streamline manufacturing processes and improve the lifespan and functionality of end products. Our hook and loop fasteners are reusable, easy to reclose and remove, and help reduce manufacturing times, costs of materials and labor. From cable management to mounting solar panels, VELCRO® Brand Fasteners are available in a variety of strengths and profiles and can be pre-cut for specific applications.

Since we invented the original hook and loop fastener 60 years ago, Velcro Companies has been the market leader for innovative fastening solutions across a wide range of industries, all around the world. We have created hundreds of new market segments and popularized hook and loop technology across the globe. From our beginnings to the present day, we have continued to innovate in order to provide our partners and customers with the most advanced technology that solves problems, make businesses more profitable and improve users’ lives around the world.

  • Quality Standards – Around the world, our manufacturing sites are committed to quality compliance and regulations including ISO and ÖKO-TEX certifications (amongst others).
  • Product Portfolio – The VELCRO® Brand product range is recognized for having the largest and most compelling offering in the fastener industry.
  • Global Capabilities & Customization – Our innovative cross-functional R&D and commercial teams work closely with clients to bring product solutions to the market that meet the end-user’s fastening needs.


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Cable Management and Electronics

VELCRO® Brand fasteners offer affordable and reusable cable management and electronics solutions for contractors, installers, manufacturers and other industry professionals. Our product offering includes a wide range of solutions such as soft cable ties that can be quickly replaced or repositioned in order to improve productivity and the ease of installation. Our products require fewer tools, comply with industry standards and can be applied to a range of surfaces within various temperature conditions. They are also offered with fire-retardant properties.

Repair and Maintenance

Whether they are hanging, mounting or repairing items, Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO) rely on VELCRO® Brand products for their security and ease of use. Our fasteners eliminate the need for tools and with our products, there is no need to make holes or other permanent alterations. VELCRO® Brand fasteners allow for easy repositioning after the fastener has been applied, which reduces costly mistakes and should be considered an essential part of your maintenance and repair operations.


Velcro Companies offers a complete product portfolio specifically designed for the furnishing market. This diverse range of products combined with our converting capabilities and engineering services allow us to be the partner of choice for leading furniture brands worldwide.

Textile & Haberdashery

We offer proven, reliable hook and loop technology for commercial textile products manufactured around the world. Our original woven and non-woven products are a smart alternative to the traditional fasteners used in haberdashery. VELCRO® Brand is the name that manufacturers and customers trust for quality, reliability and innovation.

Signage, Displays & Events

Whether it's a trade show exhibit, theatrical set or promotional display, easy set up and take down are essential. VELCRO® Brand fasteners eliminate the need for cumbersome hardware and lengthy assembly instructions while maintaining the durability that exhibits and displays need to withstand daily wear and tear.

Other specialties

Velcro Companies offers a portfolio of products that incorporate our hook and loop technology into materials and components that help companies be more innovative and competitive. Whether it’s a standard product or a solution customized to your design and manufacturing specifications, at Velcro Companies we put more than 50 years of design, processing, and logistics expertise into our products—and your success.



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