Packaging Solutions

VELCRO® Brand closures are resealable, reliable and easy to use. We offer sustainable packaging solutions for both rigid and flexible packaging.

The consumer’s first impression is the one that counts. VELCRO® Brand closures provide a competitive advantage within primary and secondary packaging and are at the forefront of today’s market trends. Machine manufacturers, converters, film and corrugated cardboard producers and consumer packaged goods manufacturers can rely on our fastener expertise and global network to provide a total solution. VELCRO® Brand Solutions help companies achieve new levels of sustainability, reduce costs and improve workplace safety while protecting, storing and moving goods, and help you optimize operations in production plants, warehouses and transport environments.

  • Easy to use - Consumer friendly closure with the benefits of simple use and quick fastening also within materials handling avoiding the need of tools.
  • Sustainability - Our reusable fasteners allows you to reuse packages many times, it reduces waste in warehouses, and we offer Recycle Ready 100% PE closure using sealant layer technology.
  • Trusted brand with high quality standards – VELCRO® Brand closures are recognized and trusted worldwide, and are ISO and for food packaging even BRC certified.


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Flexible Packaging

Create simple and smart flexible packaging with VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® closures. With a simple squeeze, these hook-to-hook closures align to create a secure seal that you can hear and feel. Ideal for resealable bags and pouches, our PRESS-LOK® closures are ISO and BRC certified to meet industry requirements and are heat-sealable, 100% recyclable PE with sealant layer technology. Our range of resealable packaging closures also includes customized coins in different colours, shapes and profiles that close with one touch, and that can be applied with standard high speed labelling machines. VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® closures are ideal for applications such as dry food, pet food, powders frozen food and granule based products as it remains functional and reliable with contaminants and product crumbs even in extreme freezer conditions.

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Rigid Packaging

Through infinite combinations of strength, durability, colours and shapes, VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners can be used to create customized closure systems for a wide range of rigid packaging solutions. Ideal for dunnage, food containers, corrugated paper, cardboard boxes and more, our resealable VELCRO® Brand closures make rigid packaging solutions reusable and more sustainable. Easy and intuitive to use, our closure systems are ideal for reusable transit packaging as their flexibility allows the textile inserts to be easily adapted and replaced when needed.

Gift Packaging

VELCRO® Brand solutions for gift, promotional items and stationery include discreet, low-profile, sensorial fasteners that are simple and appealing to consumers. They are easy to use, close in one touch and applicable with standard high speed labelling machines. We offer a wide range of mated and non-mated closures in different shapes, colours and profiles that can help your products stand out while making the fastener a distinctive feature of your products.

Materials Handling

Our VELCRO® Brand reclosable fasteners are sustainable and cost-saving fastening solutions for storage & transport, internal logistics and at point-of sale. They can be used infinite times and reduce waste in your warehouse, during industrial processes and in transit. They are clean and safe to apply and require no tools.




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