Building and Construction Solutions

VELCRO® Brand construction fastening systems help improve productivity and safety, generate less residues and reduce the use of chemicals

The VELCRO® Brand offers construction fastening systems that are easy to apply, safe to use and provide a greener alternative for manufacturers, architects, and builders – that can help earn green building rating points. These attachment solutions reduce the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), eliminate adhesive off-gassing and reduce job site waste. All the while reducing the installation time and the need for tools, making construction quicker and more affordable. Our systems are environmentally friendly and efficient while prioritizing workers’ health and safety.

  • Labor Savings & Safety - Our solutions eliminate the need for tools and are easy to replace and reposition. This helps to lower labor costs, prevent mistakes and accidents, and improve precision.
  • Efficiency - VELCRO® Brand closures reduce the time needed for installation and maintenance, while making the mounting process easier and allowing a complete removal.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Our fasteners help users earn green building points by using fewer chemical components and solvents, and generating less residues and waste.


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Simplify hard and soft flooring installation. Our fasteners are easy to install, remove and reposition, allowing human errors to be easily fixed. Use them on rolls, planks or tiles and on a variety of materials including PVT, LVT, wood, carpet and ceramics. Ideal for permanent and temporary installations.

Building Envelope

Install building envelope components, such as waterproof membranes, decorative panels, insulation, ceilings and wall cladding. Our solutions offer quick and easy (dis)mounting, which is extremely useful for maintenance tasks. Different options are available to maximize performance or minimize thickness. Performance improves when used in combination with mechanical systems (such as nailing, screwing and stapling).


VELCRO® Brand fastening solutions are a simple, secure way to add finishes to building interiors. Suitable for use on a wide range of materials including wood, PVC and vinyl, our fasteners are fully adjustable, easy to reposition and ideal for installing panels, partition walls, lighting and other interior decorations.

Renewable Energy

Attach solar panels securely and precisely. Suitable for both rigid and flexible panels, our fasteners are UV resistant, weather resistant and lightweight, reducing the total weight of the installation. Risk of leakage is avoided as there is no need to perforate the membrane.

Cable Management

Bundle wires and cables with our reusable and adjustable cable management solutions. Made from soft and flexible materials to protect the cables, they’re ideal for electricals and meet the EU directive 2002/95 EC RoHS, and the FR version with UL94-V1, FMVSS 302 and FAR 25853.

Tools & Accessories

Our fastening solutions offer quick and easy component replacement for tooling OEMs, and make it easy to fix and organize tools and accessories. We offer a wide range of performance options to suit any requirements as well as a wide range of customization options including adhesives, converting, printing and packaging.

Infrastructures & Other Applications

We offer strong and reliable solutions for external environments, such as infrastructure and urban furniture. UV resistant, lightweight and easy to apply, our fasteners lead to time and labor savings, and are made from recyclable and biodegradable materials.



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