Velcro® Brand VELCRO® BRAND Textile Hook and Loop Fasteners and Closures

Velcro Companies offers wide arrays of proven textile hook and loop technology for commercial and military products manufactured around the world. Our products include woven hook and loop; non-woven and knit loop; and materials that are fire-retardant and RF weldable. From raw materials to finished goods, VELCRO® brand is the name that manufacturers and customers trust for reliability and innovation.

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VELCRO® Brand Double Faced Loop - Embossed (DFL-E) is a breathable, flexible, and extra soft loop featuring an embossed pattern on its surface. Dramatically improve patient comfort and differentiate your product with a distinct style.


  • Decreases skin irritation through superior breathability
  • Conforms to patient's anatomy, increasing comfort
  • Soft loop eliminates abrasiveness against skin
  • Maximizes visual identity via color and embossing options
  • Die-cut shapes and packaging options reduce assembly time

VELCRO® Brand Technology

Double-Faced VELCRO® Brand Loops

VELCRO® Brand Double-Faced Loops are back-to-back loop products ideal for strapping applications in orthopedics, sport bracing, positioning straps in surgical environments and other applications where a strong and comfortable strap is required. A wide range of durability levels and loop styles are available.

VELCRO® Brand Double-Faced Loops:

  • VELCRO® Brand DFL 1000
  • VELCRO® Brand DFL 3610
  • VELCRO® Brand DFL 3368
  • VEL-WRAP™ Brand DFL
  • VELCRO® Brand DFL 3001

VELCRO® Brand Technology

Fire-Retardant Fasteners

The Velcro Companies offer a wide variety of quality hook and loop fasteners to satisfy your fire-retardant application needs. You’ll find VELCRO® Brand fasteners in many different applications, including seating, insulation blankets, carpeting and wire management. Our VELCRO® Brand fire retardant fasteners meet the requirements for certifications to Government, OEM and Industry specific standards.


  • VELCRO® Brand Hook 88 and Loop 1000
  • VEL-LOC® Brand Quadrilobal Fasteners
  • VELCRO® Brand HI-AIR® Hook and Loop

VELCRO® Brand Technology

Knit Loops

VELCRO® Brand knits have been designed for use in a wide range of applications from disposable products to high strength fabricated straps. Our entire line of knit loops can be slit to nearly any width, die-cut into shapes, and is available in custom colors to perfectly match your product. Our knits are compatible with many VELCRO® Brand woven and plastic hooks.

Knit Loop Options

  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 3001
  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 3003
  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 3610
  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 3368
  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 3905
  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 3707
  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 3200

VELCRO® Brand Technology

Military Fasteners

Velcro USA Inc. has been a recognized supplier of hook and loop fastener tapes for the U.S. military for over 3 decades. Our quality VELCRO® Brand hook and loop tapes are manufactured and certified to the military specification AA55126 (Rev. B). Velcro USA Inc. has been awarded a vendor listing in the “Acceptable Supplier’s List” published by D.S.C.P.


  • AA55126 Certified Fasteners

VELCRO® Brand Technology

Nonwoven Loops

VELCRO® Brand FNL nonwoven loops maximize peel and shear performance and new levels of softness, convenience, and comfort. VELCRO® Brand nonwoven technology is ideal for medical/surgical applications; environmental clothing; and privacy curtains/bedding—just about anywhere you need a soft, skin-friendly fastening system.

VELCRO® Brand Nonwoven Loops:

  • VELCRO® Brand FNL 251 Nonwoven Loop
  • VELCRO® Brand FNL 403 Nonwoven Loop

VELCRO® Brand Technology

RF Weldable Knit Loops

VELCRO® Brand RF weldable hook products eliminate the need for heat-activated adhesive and help reduce manufacturing complexity and costs. Loop 3607 has a virgin vinyl film laminated to its back, eliminating the need for adhesives and solvents. Loop 3609 is combined with an RF-sealable urethane backing for applications requiring softness and flexibility such as orthopedic bracing.


  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 3607
  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 3609

VELCRO® Brand Technology

Standard Woven Hook and Loop Fasteners

The family of VELCRO® Brand woven hook and loop products includes the popular Hook 88 and Loop 1000 combination that is used around the world. In addition to our traditional nylon hook and loop, we offer polyester, polypropylene, aramid, and stainless steel fasteners—each with its own unique set of performance and aesthetic characteristics.

Woven Hook and Loop Options:

  • Nylon Fasteners
  • Polyester Fasteners
  • VELCRO®Brand HI-AIR® Woven Hook and Loop
  • VELCRO® Brand HI-GARDE® Woven Hook and Loop
  • Mushroom Hook Fasteners
  • Fire Retardant Hook and Loop Fasteners
  • RF Weldable Hook and Loop Fasteners

VELCRO® Brand Technology