Military & Government Solutions

VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners are the hidden hero in demanding environments. We provide strong, reliable fasteners that allow soldiers and emergency personnel to focus on the mission at hand.

Trusted by the US military and government for more than 50 years, our high-quality products are recognized worldwide for their strength, durability and reliability. Working closely with our global industry partners, we develop and manufacture customized products to meet each military’s specific needs using VELCRO® Brand’s extensive product portfolio. Our engineers are available for technical support. Selecting the right hook and loop fastener is essential to ensure the quality and reliability of the final product and we offer a wide variety of hook and loop options to provide maximum performance.

  • Berry Compliant - VELCRO® Brand fasteners are developed & manufactured to meet local specific requirements right in the United States.
  • A-A-55126C Certified - VELCRO® Brand products are strong, reliable and high quality, meeting the most demanding regulations of the military and government industries.
  • Products Made for The Mission - VELCRO® Brand fasteners help soldiers complete their mission with low-profile, lightweight and durable designs for every application


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Tactical Apparel

Tactical apparel requires state of the art accessories for the most demanding environments. VELCRO® Brand military products are manufactured with the best raw materials and superior product design. We offer the widest and most reliable range of technical fasteners, including uniforms, vests, and other ballistic protection require.


Using VELCRO® Brand products on military and police accessories, such as helmets, footwear, belts and pouches, ensures your products will meet the most demanding quality standards. We can adapt our solutions to individual requirements and offer a certificate of conformity for specific regulations.

Tents and Shelters

Robust, secure and resistant closure technology for military vehicles, tents, and shelters are essential in challenging situations. The VELCRO® Brand military product range offers specific solutions for each of these applications.

Firefighters, Forest Rangers, Civilian Protection and Others

Public services have specific needs and requirements for their apparel and protective equipment. The multiple combinations included in the VELCRO® Brand product range ensure a perfect balance of strength and cycle life essential during their missions.


Textile Hook & Loop Tapes

High Technology Hook Tapes

One-Component Hook & Loop Tapes